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Hi Friend, My Name is Hazrul Islam the founder of HAZRUL REMO I am an Youtuber by profession but Blogger by passion.

I Have Been Doing Travel And  Dargah Sharif Ziyarat Since 2017 I Am Making Videos.

I am passionate about sharing my all learnings and experiences of Travel and Beautiful Places passive Travel tips to my every Friends

I own a YouTube Channel with Name HAZRUL REMO, dedicated place to explore Dargah Sharif Ziyarat Urs Mubarak all around Travel advance tips.

For those who are curious about my birthplace then i am coming from Malda West Bengal (India).

Let’s first talk about who i am and why you should follow me and HAZRUL REMO.

About Us

Why You Should Listen to Me?

Well, I already explained brief about me but i know it is not good enough to trust on my skills.

You need some proofs right?

Here is my journey with Travel ,Beautiful Places and social community.

I am not limited to people on advance of Travel using my Blog but i do love to share the practical tips and best strategy through my most famous YouTube channel HAZRUL REMO

Here i am on YouTube:

We recently completed 24k+ Subscribers, if you haven’t joined us,this is the right time to join all HAZRUL REMO.

Let me go through my social media fan following ,which is not only my family but the die heart learner of Travel, Who all love to keep sharing and solving problems of each other.

Here i am on Facebook and Telegram:

Why i advise you to join Facebook Page and Telegram Cahnnel?

Get Free Tips on Dargah Sharif Ziyarat Beautiful Places And Travel through videos and Blog posts

I will unlock the success of Travel for you,by sharing and updated news on Urs Mubarak

Post Your queries and community will solve your Travel related problems in a minute.

Get a chance to directly communicate with me

HAZRUL REMO is My Dream to turn Travel into Value Streams

Travel is not all about making Videos and sharing content.

But more of listening,learning,practicing,experiencing and then sharing.

When first, i started my making Videos journey in the year 2016,my focus was to lay down a platform which can excel somewhere in future.

And here i am,after couple of ups and downs.

HAZRUL REMO is brought with a vision to turn your Travel dreams into value streams for you and others.

I have this information to tell you which dargah is where?
If you agree with my words,experience and commitment.

Then, i Hazrul Islam the founder of HAZRUL REMO Welcome you to my Travel Family.

Your New Friend,
Hazrul Islam

About Me

About me ( हमारे बारे में ) मेरा नाम हजरूल इस्लाम है और इस वेबसाइट founder हु और में इंडिया के west bengal का रहने वाला हु | YouTube मेरा passion है और मैंने इस फील्ड में 2017 से काम कर रहा हु हमसे संपर्क करना चाहते है तो आप हमें contact us form के मदद से  कर सकते है या फिर Social media की मदद से और कोई भी सलाह या सुझाव ले दे सकते है ।

Name :Hazrul Islam
Age :28
Address :Malda West Bengal India
Email :[email protected]

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